Cell phone repair and Computer repair mississauga avialable at www.kmastrelectronics.com is the place where every mac and pc desktop laptop repair done from our certified technician. This is where you also get you cell phone repair and many smartphone repair and training and computer courses are offered. If you are from Brampton Oakville Etobicoke Toronto downtown you can easily find us from our company Kmaster Electronics. the expert ipad repair ipad 2 ipad 3 ipad 4 ipad mini screen repair done in an hour


iPad Repair iPhone 6 Plus Repair ipad screen replacement and iphone 6 screen repair



Laptop Virus Removal Kmaster Electronics

We are the expert to offer any laptop virus removal work. I your laptop is slow and having trouble with the Internet and you are being force to download program to clean your files and registry files. Let us know we can help you www.kmasterelectronics.com


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Computer Training

Since We are already offering cell phone repair training course and our clients were asking if  We do computer training and the answer was that We are working on it and Now We are ready , if you are curious to know how long is the program and what is covered please join our free session We have by contacting 1- 888-828-9848, This computer course is for anyone how to learn basic to advance skills and also computer security courses where you can focus to prevent hackers connecting to your pc mac and tablets. We have the instructors working with us for over 15 years and they have worked in major companies in Canada.

Data transfer and recovery

We can move your existing information when you needed a data transfers and recovery done from micro sd , sd cards memory card hard drive and usb sticks , if you have deleted your pictures and want to recover it We can help you , please bring it to our store to get full support.

Spyware Removal

We have the most advanced development team working with us when someone needed to remove virus and spyware programs, our technician kmaster knows exactly what to do when your computer infected and third party companies sending you some paid advertisement and forcing you to buy the product. We know exactly what to do with them.

Please let us know We can help you to remove such adware .

Motherboard Repair

We do component level motherboard repair and our technicians are full trained when it comes to fix water damage and charging or video problem if you needed to know what would be cost We can provide the estimate but diagnostic chargers has to be paid, Nothing is free specially when someone says that free motherboard check up that means they want to experiment on your device, please avoid it  and contact us at 905-781-1209

Macbook Screen Repair

We carry all types of screens when you needed a MacBook screen repair or when you needed a MacBook repair We can help you fix all the major problems with hard drive keyboard and water damage ,our expert technician has years of experiences fixing macs, please call us at 905-781-1209

Laptop replacement batteries

You can find all other brands from us when you needed a laptop replacement battery we carry almost every brand and price are amazing compare to other places, our batteries comes with warranty and We sell original brands which is purchase locally .

Mac Computer Repair

Sometime you may get wrong prices specially from our competitors who wants your attention by adding pay per click and when you click those ads you think this company is the best just because they are on top,  the only way to tell if company has reasonable prices when you call them they will say that they are the best because they use original quality parts, which is not a 100% case,  they best prices can be found at www.kmasterelectronics.com/

Laptop Screen Repair

A very common term when you needed a laptop screen repair and you don’t know how much it would cost  and if its worth to get fixed or buy a  new one and sometimes its a great idea to back up all your information if you are ready to make decision when you are selling  your notebook to us, everyone whom We dealt in the past keep bring us new clients to sell their mac and pc and smartphones. you can reach us at 905-361-1249

Sony Laptop Repair

when you needed the top lcd and glass still working and you don’t know the exact model then  most likely you would look for sony laptop repair and you don’t where which shop you will get on your desktop or tablet when you were searching in google , please call us We can provide you the support

Computer Repair Mississauga

Slow pc and mac We know exactly how to offer computer repair Mississauga when you needed to get fast and quick answer because  we already know no one cant be without the pc any day that’s why our extra department are very quick to present you your device same day. We have the very best prices when you needed a job done professional and you might have a question how long is the warrany and what we do when it happens again when I say it happens again which means  spyware or virus came again and now you cant access the internet. You don’t need to get panic please call 905-361-1249 for help.

cell phone repair and Computer Repair mississauga where you get your laptop repair cell phone repair and tablet ipad repair on the spot at 905-361-1249
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